About Us

Target Shotblasters was established in 1996 and was purchased in 2018 by Mr Piet Fourie and his wife Mrs Dot Fourie. Piet act as the Managing Director of the Target.
Building client relationships are of great importance to us!
Gathering insight into which areas we can improve on is a continual exercise that we take very seriously. Understanding our client’s needs and quipping our staff to provide the best quality service is at the forefront of our mission.
At Target Shotblasters we strive to provide and exceed client expectations. We provide a work environment where our employees can meet their potential and thrive in an atmosphere of excellence.
Our premisis consist of 4 413 sqare meters and we have 2 x 8 ton cranes. We also have various fork-lifts that eases ther move around of items.
Part of our strategy is to grow our business and service offering

BBBEE Level 4

We are committed to customer satisfaction, delivering a first class service and a responsible attitude to the environment

Our success is measured by the quality of our service; we deliver high standards, both for the benefit and satisfaction of our customers.

What is it that Target Shotblasters do ? 

  • Shot Blasting
  • Sandblasting
  • Shot Peening
  • Glass Blasting – Bead Blasting
  • Painting

Sandblasting / shotblasting

Sandblasting, shotblasting or abrasive blasting is the process used to clean or etch the surface of metal substrates including mild steel, wrought iron, aluminium and stainless steel.

Abrasive blasting, more commonly known as sandblasting, is the operation of forcibly propelling a stream of abrasive material against a surface under high pressure to smooth a rough surface, roughen a smooth surface, shape a surface or remove surface contaminants. A pressurised fluid, typically compressed air, is used to propel the blasting material (called the media)

There are several variants of the process, using various media; some are highly abrasive, whereas others are milder. The most abrasive are shot blasting (with metal shot) and sandblasting (with sand)


LIKE NEW AGAIN: Benefits of Sandblasting

Sandblasting or abrasive blasting,  is one of the most common and highly effective methods for the cleaning and maintenance of surfaces. The restoration of surfaces is achieved by striking fine grains of sand at a very high speed through the sandblaster’s nozzle and directly on the object being cleaned.

Various applications:

Sandblasting is known for its effectiveness when it comes to cleaning. By removing rust, residue, and other impurities, sandblasting leaves the surfaces looking like new. Blasting has also has uses in deburring, decorating, and peening, among other tasks. Not only is sandblasting useful for working on large areas, but can be used for jobs dealing with precision parts such as small gears.

In addition, sandblasting makes for an effective cleaning technique to prime a surface for paining. The blasting strips away layers of old paint, decay, rust, and other substances, thereby restoring the surface and readying it for a fresh, new coat of paint.

A Time-Saving Solution

One of the greatest advantages of sandblasting lies in its speed and efficiency. The properties of sand – including its fine grade and its makeup of small grains – make this substance a powerful abrasive. A cleaning job that would typically take hours by hand or other less effective methods is reduced to just minutes with sandblasting.

All of sandblasting’s various applications can be accomplished easily with quick sweeps of the blaster’s nozzle. Even though mill scale is quickly and efficiently removed with direct pressure sandblasting. Sandblasting is also the quickest way to remove paint and other coatings and strips metals to bare surfaces. Scale, corrosion, old paint and other surface materials are removed in minutes leaving metal surfaces free of foreign matter and contamination.

From cleaning precision parts to reclaiming surfaces, sandblasting is an invaluable technique to improve the appearance and operation of your equipment, refinish one-deteriorating surfaces, and increase the lifespan of your property.

Come to Target Shotblasters for your next sandblasting project!!

Tough on Rust

While sandblasting has multiple uses, it is especially well suited for tackling rust. Rust is one of the leading causes of property damage as it can ultimately corrode metal and spread quickly to other metallic surfaces. If not treated correctly, the damage may be irreversible and can spread to other metals. This is especially dangerous with equipment and machinery as it can ultimately lead to equipment malfunction. Therefore, proper removal from metal surfaces is crucial to ensuring that your machinery and other property have a long lifespan.


Advantages of Shot Blasting for Surface preparation

Shot blasting has emerged as one of the most effective, as well as possibly the cheapest technique for surface preparation prior to operations such as galvanising, electroplating, welding, painting, enamelling, glass coating and rubberising.

Shot blasting is useful for many industries, including the aerospace, ship building, forging and steel industries because it provides a consistent and uniformly fine, rough or matt surface depending on the techniques and tools used and the type of surface required.

Major benefits

  • Shot blasting eliminates the usage of non-eco friendly and harsh chemicals
  • Shot blasting provides higher production rates, wider abrasive selection and better blast pattern accuracy.
  • The finished surface obtained is absolutely free from chemical deposits, scales and dust content. Shot blasting does not remove any virgin metal when removing scales
  • Shot blasting facilitates the formation of a permanent bond between the protective coat (zinc, paint or epoxy) and shot blasted surface. It also helps to detect surface faults or defects.
  • Shot blasting increases longevity and durability of protective surface coats as it adheres better to the shot blast cleaned and scale free surface.
  • Shot blasting primarily refers to blasting the surface with small steel pellets or shots.

Glass Blasting – Bead blasting

Glass bead blast finishing offers the flexibility to remove many different types of surface imperfections, including burrs, rust, scales, paint removal and more.

If you are familiar with the expression “smooth as glass’, you likely already possess a basic understanding of the concept of using glass beads in the abrasive blasting process. Glass bead media consists of spherical micro beads that are polished to achieve a smooth finish. As a result, glass bead media is a safe and effective abrasive blasting choice for cleaning and prepping metal surfaces, creating unique surface finishes that can easily be reproduced, and deburring parts without damaging the surface. Because each micro bead works much like a tiny hammer, glass bead media can also be an excellent choice for peening applications.

Imparts a controlled, clean finish on a variety of metals – you can safely apply the glass media blasting process to aluminium, stainless steel and many other commonly used industrial metals.


The surface or part can be cleaned quickly and efficiently without removing a significant amount of metal. Cleaning, deburring, peening and finishing can all be performed in one operation, which can result in substantial time and cost savings.

  • Deburring: Removes burrs from the corners and edges of a metal part, allowing for proper assembly and operation of the finished product
  • Peening: Glass media blasting offers a cost-effective, stress resistant method of creating a uniform surface on a metal part
  • Cleaning: Thorough cleaning is an essential part of electroplating and other metal finishing process – glass blasting media will effective remove surface debris without any resulting dimensional changes
  • Finishing: Glass media blasting with smaller beads can product a smoother finish, while the use of larger beads will create a more textured surface if desired.


Shot Peening is the preferred method to toughen metal and increase its strength.

Shot Peening Is a surface modification process used to improve a material by the application of a mechanical force. It can be used to strengthen a metal surface, thereby making it more resistant to external degradation and corrosion factors.

Process: Tiny Balls of cast steel shot on the metallic surface of your item. This process forms small indentations in the surface with enough force to sufficiently strengthen the metal and relieve stress.

Intensity is a key parameter of the shot peening process. Coverage, the percentage of the surface indented once or more (Specified in percentage, 0%-100%) and coverage is monitored by visual examination.

Shot Peening is used on (but not limited to)  gear parts, cams and camshafts, clutch springs, coil springs, connection rods, crankshafts, gearwheels, leaf and suspension springs, rock drills, and turbine blades

A test strip is handed to client as part of the Test Records.

Blast room:

Blast operators work inside the room to roughen, smooth, or clean surfaces of an item depending on the needs of the finished product. The 4 Blast rooms at target is sufficient in size and can accommodate very large or uniquely shaped objects.

Several key components that can be found in a typical blast room:

Several key components found in our blast rooms:

  • An enclosure or containment system, usually the room itself, designed to remain sealed to prevent blast media from escaping.
  • A blasting system
  • A blast pot – a pressurized container filled with abrasive blasting media
  • A dust collection system which filters the air in the room and prevents particulate matter from escaping
  • A material recycling or media reclamation system to collect abrasive blasting media so it can be used again.

We have additional equipment for added convenience and improved usability, such as our overhead cranes that comes in handy when manoeuvring the work piece. We have 2 x 8 ton cranes and various forklifts.


We believe that our firm can produce quality products and service only when the employees are provided with a proper infrastructure. Our premise is managed well by our staff and we keep proper record of what comes in and what goes out with time and date.

Our premises consist of 4 413 square meters and we have 2 x 8 ton cranes and various forklifts

Conveniently located in Brakpan, our trained and friendly staff will assist you with your needs. With state of the art machines and compressors, we offer an affordable service with outstanding quality

We insist on reliability and quality!!


When required we can supply you with a Sandblast/ Shotblast Certificate

Specifying the blast medium, blast grade, relative humidity, ambient temperature and readings in micron

The meter that we use is Elco Meter

We can supply you with the Calibration Report for the meter upon request.